Watch our Community Summit on Thursday February 11, 2021

What does ORCAH stand for?

Online Robotics Competitions at-Home (ORCAH) is a student-led organization hosting unofficial scrimmages coming up to VEX Worlds 2021. Our aim is to provide world-qualified teams the experience and resources they require to excel during these unprecedented times. Through our free practice scrimmages leading up to our championship scrimmage, teams will be able to simulate and practice for Worlds, collaborate, and learn this new form of competition on a larger scale than prior events.

Will there be a championship?

Yes! There will be a championship a few weeks before RECF Worlds, the date is undecided. We will also host practice events leading up to our championship scrimmage. Our championship will crown a tournament champion and skills champion.

How much is registration? How much is each competition?

Free and free!

Are your game rules the same as VEX?

We will be using a slightly modified version of Change Up for match play with the goal of making matches more exciting to watch and play. Skills will be the same.

Can I run skills at your events?

Yes! All of our events will have competition and skills.

When will registration open?

Thursday, February 11 during our Community Summit.

How will I qualify to your championship scrimmage?

We would like to allow anyone to compete, but depending on the demand this might change. A good skills score and participation in a practice scrimmage will increase your chances, but the specifics are undecided as of right now.